Kubernetes on AWS - From Zero To Production


Welcome to this series of blog posts which guides you through a Kubernetes setup on AWS. I run similar setups for Canida and for our clients. All you need to follow along is an AWS account and the linked Git repository. The blog posts build on top of each other so I recommend to read them in order.


I started to write this series of blog posts because I missed a clear guide that covers the most important topics for setting up and running a production-ready Kubernetes cluster on AWS. Please create issues if you face problems or notice potential for improvements.

Git Repository

Blog Posts

Kubernetes on AWS - VPC Setup with Terraform
Kubernetes on AWS - EKS Setup with Terraform
Kubernetes on AWS - Continuous Deployment with Argo CD
Kubernetes on AWS - Basic User Management
Kubernetes on AWS - IAM Roles for Service Accounts via Terraform
Kubernetes on AWS - Essential Applications to Integrate with AWS

Backlog Topics

GitOps Application Deployment with ArgoCD and Kustomize
Release Management - From Development via Staging to Product
The Three Pillars of Observability: Logging, Metrics and Tracing
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